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Untitled, from the series ”La Via”, 2008
198 wood lead objects, steel
Working with the handmade, slow processes of a traditional artisan, Fabrizio Gerbino creates meditative sculptures, paintings, drawings, and site-specific installations whose formal qualities suggest a complex and considered exploration of color, form, and space. The forms in Gerbino’s sculptural wall installation here are based on found wood objects which the artist then replicated by hand (in wood) and then covered with a shimmery “skin” of lead, presenting a dialogue between the industrial and the handmade. In correspondence with his prolonged, thoughtful methodology, the artist created one per day for a year. Surrounding the door in perfect and systemic repetition around the façade of the entrance to the gallery, evoking rows of Samurai swords or dungeon-like armature, the sculpted objects act as sentries to the apocalyptic experience to come.

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