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Factory 500


Three or four times each year, our Factory 500 level members get together for an evening of artist studio + destination hopping. View photos from these events in the Factory 500 set on Flickr!

Factory 500 Lawrenceville Tour 7/18/09: Atticus Adam's Art Studio  Factory 500 Lawrenceville Tour 7/18/09: Hilary Robinson's Loft  Factory 500 Lawrenceville Tour 7/18/09: Coca Café  Factory 500 Lawrenceville Tour 7/18/09: The evening began with a rainbow!  Factory 500 Lawrenceville Tour 7/18/09: Artemis Environmental  Factory 500 Lawrenceville Tour 7/18/09: Hilary Robinson's Loft

Factory 500 Members enjoy the following benefits:

Free and unlimited gallery admission for one year for two adults.
Free gallery admission for children under 18.
• Free admission to exhibition openings and invitations to special events.
• Exclusive members-only tours of current exhibitions.
• 10% discount in our Museum Shop.
• 10% discount online at mfshop.org.
• 10% discount in the BoxSpring Café.
• Special 20% discount in the Museum Shop during members-only shopping events.
• Access to our bi-monthly e-newsletter.
• Reduced ticket prices for the Urban Garden Party.
• One-time admission passes for four guests.
• Special gallery admission rate of $5 for your guests at the museum.
Enjoy NARM (North American Reciprocal Museums) reciprocal privileges.
Enjoy ModCo (Modern and Contemporary Reciprocal Museum) reciprocal privileges.
• Special invitations for private tours of artists’ workshops, studios, private collections and other art-related locations throughout the year.
• Recognition of your support on the museum’s website.

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