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Days and Hours of Availability

Special events held at the Mattress Factory may be scheduled during times when the museum is closed to the public. Available hours are as follows:

Monday-Saturday: 6PM-11PM
Sunday: 8AM-12PM and from 6PM-11PM

Availability of space during hours other than the above may be considered in some cases, but is subject to the activities of the Museum and its staff.

Reservations, Fees and Deposits

Dates for special events are reserved upon signing of rental agreement and deposit of one-half of the total rental fee. In the
event of a cancellation, this deposit is non-refundable.

All rental fees must be paid in full at least one week prior to the


A Certificate of Insurance is required for all rental events. This document may be obtained through a renter’s or homeowner's insurance agency and should extend coverage as defined below:

Certificate of Comprehensive Liability in the amount of $500,000
for bodily injury and $500,000 for property damage or a
$500,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage. A description of the policy must read: “It is understood that the Mattress Factory is named additional insured under
this policy.” The certificate must also show evidence of Blanket Contractual Liability, Personal Injury Liability, and if alcoholic beverages will be served, Host Liquor Liability.


Supervision of your event by a staff member is included with
the rental fee. In addition, a full staff of gallery attendants is required to have all floors of the Museum open. Scheduling of all staff requires a two week lead time at minimum.






Use of the museum’s secured, private lot is included in every rental. Use of an additional private lot can be arranged through Mattress Factory staff at no charge. Valet parking is recommended for parties of more than 20 vehicles.


One off-duty City of Pittsburgh police officer is included in the museum rental fee. An additional officer is needed for valet service at the renter's expense.

Any event where alcohol is served must be attended by an off-duty City of Pittsburgh Police Officer.

Food Service

The Mattress Factory has list of recommended caterers to choose from. Clients are responsible for ensuring that proper clean-up is performed by their caterer. For additional information, please fill out this brief online questionnaire and our Events Coordinator, Gina D'Amico, will be in touch.

Equipment Rentals

Clients are responsible for rental of all equipment necessary for their event (tables, chairs, linens, tableware, etc.), however the Mattress Factory staff can assist with the development of floor-plans and arrange for rentals for an additional service fee.

Delivery times for all equipment are subject to approval by Mattress Factory staff.


Service of alcoholic beverages is permitted among guests over 21 years of age. All Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Laws must be observed. Clients are responsible for monitoring the consumption of alcohol by their guests. Under no circumstances will the sale of alcohol be allowed without submitting evidence of blanket contractual and host liquor liability coverage.

For any event where alcohol is served, an off-duty City of Pittsburgh Police Officer is to be in attendance.


Smoking is prohibited inside the Mattress Factory, which includes the entry way between the lobby and the outdoor garden.

Music & Entertainment

All music must end by 10:45pm. Mattress Factory Staff has the right to control the sound levels of amplified music. Client is responsible for securing and paying musicians, sound crews, and equipment vendors. Client must make prior arrangements with the Mattress Factory staff for delivery and set-up of all sound equipment.


All decorations and displays must be approved by the Mattress Factory staff prior to an event and must be removed promptly upon the event’s conclusion.


Photography of events is permitted. The Mattress Factory reserves the right to photograph during events for promotional purposes.

Event Promotions

The Mattress Factory must approve the use of its name and logo in any advertising and promotion for an event.



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