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Internships at the Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory is an organization built upon the dedication of volunteers and interns. There are a variety of ways to get involved and support the museum's operations, programs, outreach and events. Internships are offered during spring, fall and summer terms. Scheduling for internships is flexible and, though unpaid, training is provided.


Past MF Intern Comments:


"Interning at the Mattress Factory was an incredibly rewarding experience.  As an intern in the Education department, I had the opportunity to not only witness the inner-workings of such a department, but actually be a contributing member of the team at the Mattress Factory.  I actively worked on specific research projects, participated in staff meetings, and prepared many educational materials for both the public and our own educators.  I also had the opportunity to assist other MF staff members with overlapping projects such as researching and writing for blog entries, and corresponding directly with exhibiting artists.  Over the course of my internship, I have formed great relationships with the MF staff and will surely take away valuable knowledge and experiences than will contribute to my future career in the arts."

-Museum Education Intern, Spring 2013


"I found working with the artists to be an extremely fulfilling and valuable experience. I learned a lot about being an artist and making art just by working in the same place as them. Even when the tasks were difficult, I felt like I was learning about the nature of the artistic process and how other people in my field choose to solve problems both creatively and practically.”

-Curatorial Intern, Summer 2006


Many thanks to our dedicated team of interns and volunteers whose contributions make the Mattress Factory a success. Education programs, special events and general museum operations would not be possible without the generous support of MF Volunteers and Interns. Get involved with a diverse group of art supporters and enthusiasts through MF Volunteer and Internship programs today!

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