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The Mattress Factory is committed to our community and encouraging all kinds of artistic activity. Our Outreach Programs are designed to give an introduction to the Mattress Factory, our artists and ideas. We have several hands-on activities that we can bring to your school, community, organization or event. We love sharing what we do. Contact the Education Department at 412.231.3169 or education@mattress.org and we can tailor a program to fit your needs.


The Space I’m In is a series of interactive objects and learning tools that relate human experience to the world around us—much in the same way the visitor interacts with site-specific installation artworks at the Mattress Factory. This project creates connections between our memories, sensory understanding and physical spaces. The tools can be used to engage many different disciplines including math, science, language and the arts.

The elements of The Space I’m In are portable and adaptable for different scenarios such as offices, schools and outdoor public spaces. Contact the Education Department at 
412.231.3169 or education@mattress.org for more information.

Tamatebako, designed by Tokyo-based artist/architect Yumi Kori, is a large-scale-ten by feet-enclosed fabric structure that explores the way humans interact with space and architecture. It contains columns and peepholes of various sizes and widths, which the participant can pop up into. Tamatebako is a Japanese word meaning “magic treasure box.”

The Walls are four light-colored portable and collapsible canvas walls plus inflatable balls of various sizes. A multitude of images (including images that are student generated) can be projected on this three-dimensional space to alter the experience of the space.

Sound Blocks, designed by Pittsburgh artist Jeremy Boyle, alter one’s sense of space using sound. Each set of blocks consists of a digital sound generator, a series of input sensors and a speaker. The blocks are installed in a space and the conditions of the light in the space are translated into sound. Participants can move throughout the space, change the orientation of the sensors or manipulate the light conditions in the space to change the corresponding sounds produced.

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