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School Partnerships

In order to strengthen connections between contemporary installation art, the creative practice of living artists, and classroom learning – the Mattress Factory has partnered with schools to create several Museum/School Partnerships. School partner programs include sequential Museum Visits, Installation Labs, Teaching Artist Residencies, support and mentorship from the Museum Education Department. Programs may be adapted for any grade level or subject matter, and may be designed to specifically address the Pennsylvania Arts and Humanities Standards.

The Mattress Factory supports living artists and also believes in developing relationships with students. Students in these Museum/School Partnerships create installations within their schools and are challenged to think about space, the environment, learning and art in new ways.

This opportunity is available on a case-by-case basis depending on artist availability and grant funding. To discuss this opportunity in detail, please contact the Mattress Factory Education Department at 412-231-3169 or education@mattress.org.

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