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Tracey Emin
Performance (October 8, 1994)
A reading from "Exploration of the Soul - a Journey Across America"
500 Sampsonia Way, 1st floor

Tracey Emin's reading is from her autobiographical book, "Exploration of the Soul." She is traveling with a chair that she embroiders as she travels.

"One day - a kind of warm summer day - my mum - was running down the hill - screaming - my baby - my baby - what's wrong with my baby - I was hung across her arms - my stomach - was about to explode I had on my pink and white striped nightie I felt my eyes rolling - and my head was gone - Paul was riding down the hill on his chopper bike. I remember the yellow - He was calling don't worry sis Sis don't worry - I'll get him for you I'll get him - In the hospital I had to shit into a toilet that had no chain - there was a hole in the bottom - that collected by shit - they put it into a little tub - the police woman was talking to me - but I kept kind of sleeping

Aunty Joyce was there - she was saying have you been naughty - mucking around - playing strange games - I don't know - what strange games were - to me it was all real - I just lay there -my blood slowly moving around my body was I really all alive had not part of me died - my world existed outside of me - How could I explain this- to ascend - and keep ascending - Dear God I thought - every part of me is bleeding."
"I believe she is right - I've decided that this chair is my inheritance - an inheritance to my future. I have decorated the chair with patchwork, embroidery and applique. It tells the story of my life. I've written a book called 'Exploration of the Soul' which is about me - my beginning - from the moment of conception to the time I lost my virginity: age 0 - 13.

"I will travel across America by road from San Francisco to New York with the chair and copies of my book. I will be giving one-night performances reading my book in galleries and other venues."

Tracey Emin
Born London, 1963, lives and works in London


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