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John Latham
Long Glass, 1996
steel, glass, books, paint, plastic tubing
1414 Monterey, 1st floor

Documentation, 1996
plaster, books, card-board boxes
1414 Monterey, 2nd floor

Long Painting, 1996
canvas, paint
1414 Monterey, 4th floor
Long Glass, first floor

A glass wall divides the room. Through the glass pass books, wires and other objects.

Documentation, second floor

Books encased in plaster are scattered about the floor in the first room. Wall text in the first room reads, "on band Q, you, humankind, show up as a plague organism." In the second room the text is, "on band S you show up as seed germ of the sun . . . . given the way you are brought up to think though, you do not choose . . . ." Documentation in the second room explains some of Latham's theories including Evenstruck.

Long Painting, third floor

A continous rolled canvas passes through walls, as it travels into different rooms.

Since the 1940s, John Latham has initiated a wide range of art movements beginning with a least-mark approach to form. This led to a shift, from conventional spatial thinking to an event based frame of reference since called assemblage, performance, structural film and video, installation, and the idea of context as half the work. A new term, "Incidental Person" or "IP," was coined to replace the word artist. The IP gained a professional status in a 'Treaty' negotiated between the artists of Artist Placement Group and the UK government in Whitehall. This has led to a number of IP associations with government departments in Europe.

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