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Red, 1996
Speakers, amplifier, CD, red pigment, wire
500 Sampsonia Way, lower level

Red (1996)

Two speakers, suspended from the ten-foot ceiling by thin wire, hang just inches from the ground. They are coated with a brilliant, powdery, orange-red pigment that vibrates with the pulsing sound emanating from the speakers.

Red (1996)

Red (1996)

Music for a Garden, 1996
Speakers, amplifier, CD
permanent installation
500 Sampsonia Way, Garden

Performance (1988)
Rolf Julius designed Music for a Garden to be heard within the Garden designed by Winifred Lutz.  Three pairs of speakers, mounted high and low on the Mattress Factory's exterior walls, are aimed in various directions. From each speaker comes a distinct element of the music Julius has composed for the space. 

Rolf Julius
Born 1939, Wilhelmshaven, Germany; died 2011, Berlin, Germany

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