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William Anastasi
Trespass, 1991
Wall removal with stone
1414 Monterey, 2nd floor

This work is on the wall between the old fireplace and the window. He had picked up a stone from the sidewalk outside and he rubbed and scratched at the surface until some of the paint (and even some of the wall itself) came off. He calls this kind of drawing a "wall removal."

Whether he makes marks by adding to the wall or scratching part of it away, with his eyes opened or closed, he is still drawing.

January 13, 1989,
10 minutes, 6B
, 1989
1414 Monterey, 2nd floor

One day, he was taking a ride on the New York city subway to play chess with a friend across town. He had his drawing supplies with him, so he taped a piece of paper to a board, put the board in his lap, held a pencil in his hand touching the paper, and closed his eyes. Then he let the bouncing and tilting of the subway car move the pencil. The drawing that he made on the way to see his friend that day was – in a way – a drawing of his trip.

April 15, 1989,
32 minutes, 4B
, 1989
1414 Monterey, 2nd floor
When William Anastasi took art classes at school, he learned to draw in the regular way– with his eyes open, looking at the paper. He wondered what his drawings would look like if he didn't use his eyes, so he began to experiment.

He discovered that he likes drawing this way. And he even likes the drawings themselves better than when he looks at what he is doing. Sometimes, he ties a piece of cloth over his eyes like a blindfold and takes a pencil in each hand. Then he draws for a specific length of time. He calls these his "timed blind drawings." That's what he did at the Mattress Factory.

For one drawing, called April 15, 1989, 32 minutes, 4B, he held a 4B pencil in each hand. With his eyes covered, he moved from one end of the room to the other for exactly 32 minutes, marking the wall in big, sweeping movements as far as his arms could reach.

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