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Black Listens to Red (Piano Concerto), 1998
1414 Monterey Street, 3rd floor

Black Listens to Red (Piano Concerto) (1998)

In the first room, sixty-three ink-jet prints of red and black dots have been mounted on the far wall. Interspersed through the pattern of dots are sheets with text. They read: "Black listens/ Red/ piano/concerto."

Black Listens to Red (Piano Concerto) (1998)

In the next room, two glass sheets are positioned on the floor next to each other. Red and black powdered pigments have been poured onto the glass. These pigments move based on the vibrations created by the speakers underneath. The ink-jet prints in the adjoining room are records of the shapes made by these powdered pigments.

Black Listens to Red (Piano Concerto) (1998)

Rolf Julius

Born 1939, Wilhelmshaven, Germany; died 2011, Berlin, Germany

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