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Sora Kim
b. 1965, Korea
D-Gravitizer, 1999
1. Research
2. Computer Generation
3. Product Design
4. Product Manufacturing
5. Retail Display
6. Advertising
7. Sales
steel, aluminum, plastic, astroturf, cans, signage
Sora Kim is the creator of an imaginary company - The Unlimited Concept Co. The Cleaning Department, one of a number of imaginary departments, has occupied much of her time and artistic output over the past several years.
For this installation, Sora has refined the marketing aspect for D-Gravitizer, an imaginary solution that when ingested, will momentarily free the cleaning person from the pull of gravity and allow them to float around any space at will.
As part of the design process, Sora engaged a computer to create a multi-dimensional diagram that evolved from the relationship between an aluminum can (the container of the product itself) and the delta waves of the human brain while in deep sleep (from the effect of the product). The process gave Sora Kim a "design machine" that provided the image for the logo on the D-Gravitizer can and the form for the display space and shelving. The retail concept for the D-Gravitizer solution is on display in this installation.
Born in Seoul in1965, Kim studied at the Ecole National Superieur deas Beaux Arts and the Seoul National University. For the Mattress Factory, she designed a drink for janitors that creates weightlessness. The installation consists of cases of the product in a futuristic retail shop environment.

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