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Patrice Carré
b. 1957, France
Igor Wagner Has Gone to the Races
, 2000
drywall, paint, screen prints, piano, furniture, cotton cloth, tape recorder, computer prints, ladder, bicycle, silk flowers, cd player, speakers, gravel, mulch

Listen to a clip from this installation

Patrice Carré recreated a scene from the Belgian colmic book, Adventures of Tin-Tin, the Castafiore Emerald, with sound effects that illustrate the story. Carré's installation, Igor Wagner Has Gone to the Races, 2000, portrays an incident in which a character runs away from practicing his scales by hiding a recorder behind the music sheets and retreating to the racetrack on a bicycle.
Inside the room, Carré's interpretation of the story includes two photographs of the artist in medieval armor and a sea captain's costume from the 1400's. Printed on the walls are the five line pattern of musical clefs in a race track oval with the names of composers and racetracks from around the world.

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