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Robin Minard
b. 1953, Canada

Silence (Blue), 2000
341 piezo loudspeaker elements, clear and blue acrylglass, carpet, 6-channel audio

Listen to a clip from this installation

Robin Minard created two pieces during his residency.

Silence (Blue), 2000, is a carpeted white room that has 341 speakers mounted between clear and blue plexiglass. Outside light is filtered blue into the space and the natural sound of water is faintly heard from the windows.

Still/ Life, 1996-2000
3000 piezo loudspeakers, ceiling lamp, column, black cloth, 8-channel audio

Listen to a clip from this installation

Still Life, 1996 - 2000, consists of a square column that stands floor to ceiling. A hanging ceiling light casts a sharp triangular shadow that is filled with 3,000 speakers. The sound of sandpipers from six separate CDs gently rises from the floor.

Robin Minard (Canadian, born 1953) addresses the effect of sound in the environment upon the physical and emotional well being of the listener. His sound installations are always site specific and attempt to alter the space in the same way that color and light affect it.

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