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Dove Bradshaw
Plain Air (1990)
Birds, mixed media
1414 Monterey, 1st floor
One large gallery space with high ceilings is given over to two brown and white pigeons. The pigeons are provided with nesting materials, food, and a bicycle wheel as a potential roosting spot; they more often roost instead on the room fans, which are closer to the ceiling.

Targets, placed under the roosting places, accumulate droppings. Windows are frosted with glass wax so that the birds will not fly into them. The pigeons, making immediate use of the materials provided, construct their nests in the soft canvas puches attached to corner spaces. Visitors to the gallery can walk comfortably through the space, which is large enough to allow pigeons and persons to coexist.

Late in July 1990, a pigeon, walking on the keyboard of a computer (Apple, Macintosh) tapped out this message: "]]x xxxxx mp ``````"
Dove Bradshaw
Lives and works in New York City

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