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Kim Jones
Untitled (1990)
Installation/Mudman performance
Paint, sticks, earth, photographs, newspapers
1414 Monterey, 2nd floor
Kim Jones' installation occupies two rooms whose floors are covered with mud splattered newspapers. Spider-like forms made of bare tree branches hang from the ceilings and lie on the floor. Masses of rats and trees are drawn around the walls of one room.
As a performance artist, Jones covers his nearly nude body with mud and carries a heavy weight of branches, evoking images of his time spent as a marine in Vietnam. With his appearance altered, he walks about the gallery and talks with visitors in unplanned encounters about whatever topics may arise.
"For nearly two decades," observed Art News, "art has been Kim Jones' way of exorcising the years spent as a Marine in Vietnam. His art – gritty, aggressive, menacing danger and pain – has a freshness and orginality precisely because it is unaffected by current trends, theories, and styles."
Kim Jones
Born San Bernardino, CA, 1944

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