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Curtis Mitchell
b.1955, American
Track, 2003
table, tablecloth, stain (instant coffee, espresso, koolaid, worcestershire sauce, pepto-bismol), dirt (potting soil, dried blood, glass, manure, plaster, coffee, sawdust, soot, paint pigment, paprika, tumeric, curry, clothing dye, tidy bowl pellet, pepto-bismol, boiled ham), c-prints, rubber matting, umbrella, paper, rugs, bustier, moisturizer
500 Sampsonia Way, 4th floor

Curtis Mitchell’s installation Track takes place in three adjoining rooms. The first room has a 12-foot table with a white tablecloth stained with household products that sits on a floor of dirt made from the artist’s recipe. The second room has exposed photographic paper that the artist danced on with caustic chemicals of additional household products that records Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain performance. In the third room, two new Oriental rugs have been burned and then washed. The room also includes a bustier filled with Nivea moisturizer. Mitchell resides in New York City.

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