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Michael Olijnyk
Untitled installation
Wood, glass, brick, cord, audio tape
500 Sampsonia Way, 2nd floor
Vertical glass plates, 2' x 3', pressed between ascending stacks of unmortared bricks, are held in tension by one long, white cord, drawn through eye rings, stretched from a wood frame to the floor to the ceiling to more glass plates which hug the walls, halfway between floor and ceiling. The rope tightly zig-zags between glass edges and pulleys mounted on the walls, before returning to the ceiling.
Disturb any element and the work will collapse.

Through a doorway in an adjoining, dimmer room, the grating noise of glass under pressure threatens from a tape player. Words in mirrored lettering warn: Caution. Beware. Careful. Danger.

"This work is made of recognizable materials such as concrete, wood, rope, and glass. These materials are combined into a construction that totally interconnects: any physical change would effect the entire structure. You are asked to understand this and realize that your response could alter or even destroy it. There is an element of danger."
Michael Olijnyk
American, born 1956

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