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Dennis Marsico
(American, b.1948)
Passion or Politics

photo mural, hand made limited edition books, limited edition posters, blacklight, furniture

In a third floor gallery of the Mattress Factory, visitors step into a circular Rare Book Room containing a life-sized panoramic photograph of a library interior lit with intense black light. Suspense novels and political non-fiction line the shelves on the left side of the room, while the bookshelves on the right side stand starkly empty. Library reading tables invite viewers to investigate the limited editions, such as a reconstructed Bible containing ink visible only under black light and a book in Braille. In a reconstructed library lobby, Marsico displays previous limited edition books and some political posters also visible only under black light.



The Infinite and Absolute Bible by Dennis and Jake Marsico.


The library houses limited edition books featuring new poetry by Jim Daniels, Terrance Hayes and Jeff Thompson, and designed by Kathy Kendra and Rick Landesburg. Marsico invited each poet to write in response to themes of passion and/or politics, and each designer to work collaboratively with Marsico on the layout, binding and visual elements.

Marsico also collaborated with his son, Jake Marsico, a theology student to create The Infinite and Absolute Bible.


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