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“Holy Water”, 2008
sink, medicine cabinet, water, pond pump, polymer clay, synthetic hair, plastic plants, acrylic paint, plywood, lights, styrofoam

Renee Ickes is a visual artist and, with Eric Stern, co-owner of the Brillobox, a bar and creative venue for music, performing, and other artistic events. With melancholy and macabre undertones, her paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations present alternate worlds where time is compressed and dreams and reality poignantly intermix. Above a running sink and behind a mirrored bathroom cabinet, Ickes’ sculptural installation presents a three-dimensional diorama into which one can glimpse an invented landscape (or, perhaps more accurately, dreamscape). Inside an angst-filled woman emerges from a sculptural ocean with arms outstretched and holding a garland. Inspired by Dadaist Marcel Duchamp, the sink pays homage to Fountain (1917), a urinal Duchamp famously placed on a wall and called art, while the diorama itself evokes his long-term, controversial work Etant Donnés (1946-66). For the viewer keen enough to open the mirror and look inside, the installation evokes an experience that is, in the artist’s words, “sublime, terrifying, and able to transform the nature of how we understand reality.”

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