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“The Black Watch”, 2008
latex paint
Working in multiple genres and subject matter, Jenny Lee is a painter who questions notions of authenticity and authorship through her work. Here, in alignment with her interrogative conceptual practice, Lee chose decidedly nontraditional spaces, painting directly onto the surrounding frames and dividing spaces of the doorway. Contrasting two divergent cultural tropes—on one hand, an Aztec inspired motif and, on the other, a classic Scottish tartan pattern—Lee has created an installation that actively negates any notion of definitive meaning through its use of pattern and artifice, subverting the viewer’s tendency to “trust” the validity or conclusive meaning of work in a museum setting. The subversive quality of the installation is further extended in the fact that a viewer might, in passing through the space to the second floor, potentially miss her work entirely and only realize its existence upon returning down the stairs to exit the museum.

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