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“Executives of Distinction, ASAVAVS reigns here.”, 2008

found and bought objects: cardboard, foam heads, chains, sand, plaster, bottles, hubcap, pig snouts, paper mache’, cloth, toys, babydoll, gouache, acrylic, rope, bucket, pebbles, dead flowers, crows, guns, flour, cinnamon, watering can, mirrors, ceramic plates, live plant, theremin.
music tracks: “Heads Growling”, “Asavas”, “Words of Industry”, “Earthworms Listening to Human Chaos”, “Earthly Delights”. Tracks created by Christiane D, with the exception of “Earthly Delights” by Soma Mestizo. Mixed and mastered by Soy Sos at Tuff Sound Recording.
In addition to working at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Christiane D. Leach is a multi-disciplinary artist whose oeuvre includes visual art, performance, poetry, music, playwrighting, curating, and producing.  Her work explores universal and complex notions, such as good and evil, the forces of human will, and intuition, and how these factor into our most profound life decisions.  Conceptually based on the notion of an executive boardroom, Leach’s multi-media sculptural installation is aptly sited in the building’s cavernous, unfinished basement.  Through its use of organic materials, symbolic Native American and animal forms, and ambient music, the work comments on the toxic effects of unchecked progress on the environment and embodies a poetic interpretation of, in the artist’s words, how we humans are “draining the world dry with our desires.”


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