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Untitled, 2008
ink jet on Hahnemüle etching paper
Interior News Feed, 2008
red vinyl letters on south facing window, natural light
Transparent Brick Wall for Kusama, 2008 (from Light Installations 2002- )
latex paint on existing brick wall

For this untitled project, Mary Temple is engaging in a daily drawing practice that began during her residency and will continue through the run of the exhibition—for a total of one year. The work is both open-ended and has duration. The timeliness of “today’s” drawing will become tomorrow’s news. Each day a hand drawing is scanned by the artist and emailed to the Museum staff, who then print it out and hang the exhibition copy within a calendar format in the gallery.

After reviewing a number of news sites on the Internet, Temple chooses a story and an image of a world leader and makes an ink drawing of that person, placing them within the white field of the drawing paper. She then writes a line of text at the bottom of the page to illustrate the day’s story. Temple locates the portrait according to the level of hopefulness that the story engenders for her. The portraits on the pages/days create a musical notation of the ebb and flow of optimism and pessimism—of the betterment and detriment to our world. Stepping back, you read the calendar like a musical score and take the pulse of the three months exhibited at a time.
The dissemination of the image and its transposition from medium to medium is a key to the work—from the original photojournalist’s shot, to digital file on the Internet, to Temple’s translation into hand-drawn image ink on paper, back to digital file and, lastly, onto a piece of paper hung in the gallery.

On a south facing window in the gallery, red vinyl letters spell out a phrase Temple has selected from one of the drawings’ captions. Here Temple brings the outside world into the installation by harnessing the sun’s ray to activate the piece, creating a rectangular shard of light with a shadow “headline” formed by the vinyl letters. The headline travels across the floor of the room each day—like a news feed—as the sun rotates across the sky.
On the museum’s third floor, Temple created Transparent Brick Wall for Kusama, a signature tromp-l’oieil painting from her ongoing series entitled Light Installations, begun in 2002. Here, on both sides of the wall, she created a mirror image perspective painting of light and shadows being cast through a corresponding window that is not there. The location of this work, just outside Yayoi Kusama’s permanent installations, highlights Temple’s affinity with Kusama’s work.

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