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Bricks for Bread (The Pittsburgh Community Brick Oven Project) (2009)
bricks, bread, firewood
This installation will let you feel of the embrace of a brick oven and imagine what it can do for your neighborhood, your community. Our gesture will give you a chance to help build the next community brick oven in Pittsburgh by your contribution of a brick in exchange for a loaf of bread (on opening night and the following Saturday mornings). You will see the oven at its beginning and get a sense of what it looks like, how it goes together, how it works, what it can accomplish.

This installation is in memory of the late Antonio Branduzzi, baker, teacher, friend and master of the brick oven.


Ray spent most of his career in advertising, was elected to the Ad Federation Hall of Fame, and still works as a writer and creative consultant. His business card reads, “Writer, Baker, Music Maker,” and he preaches “The Pursuit,” to anyone who will listen. One of those pursuits is the Community Brick Bread Oven and how it brings folks together.  Folks like you.


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