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René Peña - Samurai

René Peña (b. 1957 Cuba) graduated from the University of Havana, majoring in English. Since the early 1990s, Peña has become one of Cuba’s best-known photographers. He frequently uses his own body to explore issues of race, blackness, and the ambiguities of sexual identities and labels. His work has been exhibited in Cuba, Martinique, Haiti, Ecuador, Spain, France, Germany, and South Africa. In the United States, he has had solo exhibits in Miami, Seattle and San Francisco.

Black Marat

Black Marat - René Peña


Black Marat - René Peña

Untitled, Untitled, Black Marat, Untitled (left to right)

Untitled, Untitled, Black Marat, Untitled - René Peña


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