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Asmaa Ezzat Amado Al Fadni Hend Samir
Hyla Willis Andrew Ellis Johnson Mark Bellaire
Mostafa Sleem Noha Redwan Wendy Osher & Nouran Sherif
Susanne Slavick Emily Laychak & SITES OF PASSAGE

Curated by Tavia La Follette and Katherine Talcott
Official project website: www.fireflytunnels.net

Pittsburgh-based, performance artist Tavia La Follette participated in Artists Residency Egypt in summer 2010, where she laid the groundwork for the Firefly Tunnel Project, an artist exchange between Egypt and the U.S. La Follette ran a 3-week performance art and installation workshop, developing plans for Egyptian-based artists to work with U.S artists in 2011. La Follette explains, “The Firefly Tunnels are metaphorical passageways for the exchange of ideas through the language of Performance Art. One can think of them as an Underground Railroad that crosses the borders of language, a system of tunnels [aided by the Internet] that doesn’t believe in the barriers of countries or the obstruction of segregated tongues.”    

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