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Atticus Adams Amber Coppings Stephanie Flom + Peter Oresick
Claire Hoch + Dawn Weleski Kate Joranson Keny Marshall
Than Htay Maung Carin Mincemoyer Risë Nagin
Ian Page Vanessa Sica + Chris Kasabach Josh Tonies
R. Weis Ray Werner Gregory Witt
Brett Yasko

Gestures 12 offers a platform for artists and other creative individuals to respond directly to an environment informed by personal experiences or histories. This exhibition is about connections to place and the ability to be attuned to the many layers of environments.
I chose artists that have sensitivity to the daily materials, conditions, routines, and gestures of awareness to inhabiting the world. As I walked through the empty spaces with artists, I saw the glimmer of recognition when an artist located that unique spot.
Working with different materials, systems, tasks, and gestures and repositioned through a variety of mediums such as sculpture, sound, performance, paintings, fabric, video, drawing, robotics, and community collaborations, artists:  Atticus Adams, Amber Coppings, Claire Hoch and Dawn Weleski, Stephanie Flom and Peter Oresick, Kate Joranson, Keny Marshall, Than Htay Maung, Carin Mincemoyer, Rise Nagin, Ian Page, Vanessa Sica & Chris Kasabach, Josh Tonies, Ray Werner, R. Weis, Greg Witt and Brett Yasko explore the many personal connotations of self, community, and direct response to an environment ranging from the tangibility of self and a community sufficiency.
This strategy of using real objects, the real world, and the everyday life experience invites the work to be interpreted by a variety of communities and an aesthetic that provides new opportunities for artists to engage and influence contemporary art.
Katherine Talcott
Guest Curator

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