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Danny Bracken Dee Briggs Ryder Henry
Mary Mazziotti Connie Merriman Heather Pinson + Matthew Conboy
Ben Schachter Paul Schifino Tugboat Print Shop
Robert Villamagna Larkin Werner

For the 14th installment of the Gestures Exhibition Series, I have invited 13 artists to re-imagine time, space, and place, and to develop their ideas, processes, and obsessions to create site-specific installations.

Although Gestures is introduced as small site-specific installations, the artists in this multimedia exhibition: with subtle nuance, humorous “tongue in cheek”, and dramatic elegance have informed and expanded the original concept and have created installations that physically engage and visualize a range of experiences.

Although diverse in nature, they reveal common threads, exploring the merging of art practices and personal experiences. Artists: Danny Bracken, Dee Briggs, Ryder Henry, Mary Mazziotti, Connie Merriman, Heather Pinson and Matthew Conboy, Ben Schachter, Paul Schifino, Valerie Lueth and Paul Roden, Robert Villamagna and Larkin Werner have engaged me with their particular vision or vantage point and artistic practice.

Dependent on this vision or practice, my hope is that I have challenged artists to freely pose their ideas and to realize a particular construct, environment, or state of mind - without reference to a theme. As a curator who wants to be engaged by an artist’s process and sees the artist’s ideas and methods as the raw material to construct an exhibition, I am most appreciative.

The success of the variety of the site-specific installations can be measured by the extant to which the viewer cannot only access their ideas but also become physically engaged to the point where they understand something about themselves that they do not know before.

Katherine Talcott
Guest Curator

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