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Acupuncture, an imaginative light sculpture by German artist Hans Peter Kuhn, will appear to "pierce" the roof and south-facing side of the building. The installation will include components of what Kuhn calls “light sticks.” Attached to metal scaffolding, the “sticks” will appear to cut through the top floor of the building, coming out of the roof, and then cutting back through the staircase tower. The installation's size and configuration will make the piece visible from all angles, throughout the neighborhood and the city.

Hans Peter Kuhn is an artist and composer born in 1952 in Kiel, Germany, and now living and working in Berlin. He uses sound and light to transform urban spaces, buildings, and bridges into magical, ethereal places. He has created sound/light installations in Tokyo, New York, Milan, London and many other sites throughout the world. Kuhn was awarded the “Golden Lion” of the Venice Biennale in 1993 for the installation “Memory/Loss”, which was co-created with Robert Wilson. His work has been exhibited internationally and presented in several monographs.

Hans Peter Kuhn, concept for AcupunctureHans Peter Kuhn, concept for Acupuncture

Hans Peter KuhnHans Peter Kuhn

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