Untitled / Danny Montano

Daniel Montano, Untitled, 2008



drawings (marker, pencil), mixed media collages, bed, desk, 2 shelves, traffic light, stereo

Danny Montano incorporates urban detritus and the aesthetic of the street into visually-arresting drawings, paintings, and mixed-media collages. Here Montano has literally transferred elements from his home into the room: his bed, spray-painted dresser, two small shelving unites, and miscellaneous found objects exist alongside intensely-worked collages and wheat-pasted drawings, while fragments of text on the wall evoke disturbing images of pain and violence. The overall effect generates a disconcerting impression of domestic space, imbued with a dark sense of foreboding. Montano’s installation forges ambiguous and unanswerable questions as to whether the fury of cataclysmic events exists in the world outside, or within, in our homes and individual selves.
About the Artist
Danny Montano (aka MFONE) is a graffiti artist. 
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