Screen / Christina A. West

Christina A. West, Screen, 2018



multimedia installation

Screen is a multimedia installation that transforms the gallery into a theatrical setting using bold color, scale shifts, and strategies that engage the viewer as both voyeur and subject. Throughout the installation, various kinds of screens offer a mediated experience of the space, from literal screens on monitors that present distorted and delayed images to walls that inhibit access to interior spaces. Mirrors and monitors function like windows, but rather than give us an external view, they simply reflect the space we are occupying back to us. These elements, along with sculptural figures that are intended to remind us of our own bodies, encourage a self-consciousness that highlights the prevalence of individual subjectivity in our experience of reality.
About the Artist
Christina A. West is a sculptor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She earned her MFA from Alfred University in 2006, and has since exhibited her work around the country. West is an Associate Professor of Art at Georgia State University. Her installations consist of multiple sculptural figures placed together in a gallery space, with the color of the figures, the altered coloration of the space, and, sometimes, the direction of the figures' gazes suggesting relationships among the figures. The narratives suggested in West's work are open-ended and ambiguous.
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