lost / Jennifer Howison

Jennifer Howison, lost, 2008



gouache and acrylic paint, hardwood, reclaimed bowling pins (Arsenal Lanes)

Touching on themes of folk narrative and fantasy with a haunting, deliberately naive aesthetic, Jennifer Howison's installation depicts a three-dimensional landscape of a minute female doll lost in a forest of bowling pins. Elements such as cracks and chips in the veneer of the objects as well as well as a large, painted bowling pin looking down, God-like, from the ceiling imbue dark, macabre undertones to this fable. On the corner wall behind the three-dimensional landscape, a Magritte-like cloudscape in the abstracted form of a bowling pin emerges hauntingly from the walls.
About the Artist
With influences ranging from native folk paintings to the colorful and bold symbols of street art, Jennifer's style is a straightforward, graphic technique using gouache and acrylic that shows an apparently playful world infused with subtle personalities and unexpected dialogues.
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