The Rift of the Pandimensional Under-Gods: Angaron Meets Colossus / Ben Kinsley + Jon Rubin

Ben Kinsley and Jon Rubin, “The Rift of the Pandimensional Under-Gods: Angaron Meets Colossus”, 2008



Colossus (fantasy metal band), Angaron (medieval battle reenactment society), 14’ U-Haul trucks (2)

Here Kinsley and Rubin collaborate on a two-part project involving a live performance (and filming) of a medieval battle reenactment society fighting to the music of a fantasy metal band emerging from a trailer on the street outside the museum. In the clash of multiple worlds, Kinsley and Rubin imagine the apocalyptic intersection of fantasy and reality, bringing the viewer into the fold. Opening night featured a series of loud, raucous, and hilariously engaging performances that were filmed and will subsequently be edited into a music video, to be sold in the Mattress Factory store.
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