Aging a Decaying Mill Town / Lauri Mancuso

Lauri Mancuso, Aging a Decaying Mill Town, 2008



oil, latex and acrylic paints on wood, canvas and existing painted surfaces

Mancuso utilized various painting techniques to alter the designated form of the room, creating a disconcerting, layered space. She then placed illusionistic paintings on canvas and wood on the walls. Conceptually, the room suggests the erosion of time and physical decay, perhaps from weather or natural decay, and a regression of the space to its pre-refurbished state. Standing in the midst of the pre-historic architectural space, the viewer is pulled into a dark and chilling setting of time and history past.
About the Artist
A longstanding member and promoter of the local arts community, having run such organizations as Garfield Artworks, ON Gallery, and Dorothy 6, Lauri Mancuso is an artist who makes oil paintings incorporating found objects. She is also an independent contractor and curator, specializing in commercial and residential painting, as well as film, television, and theater sets.
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