The Current State of Things at Point A / Jairan Sadeghi

Jairan Sadeghi, The Current State of Things at Point A, 2008



acrylic and latex paint, ink, crucibles, soil, radio

Here Sadeghi depicts the aftermath of an unknown battle, manifest in anthropomorphic trees with expressions of despondency and a lone beehive shot through with an arrow. Crucibles with soil line the window ledge and floor while a radio plays an Iranian station that occasionally turns to fuzzy white noise. Painted in colors of brown and ochre, containing elements of earth and allegory, the installation suggests a fantasy landscape of presence and absence, where the semblance of violence or a battle has just recently passed through.
About the Artist
Jairan Sadeghi is an artist and humanist, concerned with social issues as much as visual art, who makes figurative paintings and works on paper based on imaginative and ominous universal narratives. Her work often references, through its symbolism and aesthetic, her Iranian heritage. Sadeghi holds a BA in Linguistics/Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh.
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