Post Apocalyptic Diarrhea / Father Hummingbird

Father Hummingbird, Post Apocalyptic Diarrhea, 2008 



mixed media

Here, two members—Father Hummingbird and The Seven Fields of Aphelion—generate a two-part installation on the first floor. Father Hummingbird has created a mixed-media video installation with a television monitor and paper sculpture based on his love/hate relationship with biochemically-enhanced foods. A nude self-portrait doll alleviates his catastrophic burdens into a McDonald’s cup. Mining and then decontextualizing images from the outskirts of the natural and manmade environment, ranging from cemeteries and abandoned buildings to volcanoes and streams, The Seven Fields of Aphelion has created an installation based on multiple-exposure photographs on tiles affixed to the corner wall and floor. Moss surrounds the images, connecting the installation into a single dislocating and fantastical landscape akin to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden brought to life.
About the Artist
Father Hummingbird is a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, a Pennsylvania-based experimental band that incorporates various influences, including rock, psychedelic, folk, and electronica, into a unique and mesmerizing sound. Most recently, in Fall 2007, the band was on tour with the Flaming Lips and Aesop Rock.
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