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Artwork components are objects, video and audio, photographs, and other elements that remain after the de-installation of temporary installations or the completion performance art works at the Mattress Factory. Remnants from de-installed artworks, these items provide record of the artwork as it existed at the Mattress Factory. They are not considered artworks, but rather are components of artworks that no longer exist.

Inclusive Dates

1985 - 2010

Bulk Dates

1990 - 2001


300 cubic feet (approximate)

Scope & Content

The Artwork Components Collection dates from 1985 to 2010 (bulk 1990 - 2001) and is comprised of remnants from artworks that were exhibited at the Mattress Factory. These remnants take the form of three-dimensional objects, audio and video, prints, fabric, sculptures, etc. The collections includes items from many, though not all, of the installation and performance works exhibited at the Mattress Factory.

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