Art You Can Get Into…if you have $12 / Dee Briggs

Dee Briggs, Art You Can Get Into…if you have $12, 2012



galvanized steel tube made by NOFTZ Sheet Metal in the Strip, mirrors cut by Pittsburgh Mirror and Glass, paint and rivets

Artist Statement
Perspective (From the World English Dictionary) 1. The appearance of objects relative to each other, as determined by their distance from the viewer, or the effects of this distance on their appearance. 2. A way of regarding situations and judging their relative importance.

This project is meant to be both critical and playful and is driven equally by my interest in life and experiences in public spaces like sidewalks and my innate sense of social responsibility. The periscope tubes wrap around the building and engage visitors and passersby hoping that they will hear, see and experience a glimpse of the artwork inside the building from outside on the street. This project is an exercise of perspective – both visual and ethical. It is also a comment on the responsibilities of institutions like the Mattress Factory to open themselves to everyone and equally communicating to anyone walking by that places like the Mattress Factory can offer amazing experiences if you step inside. If you live here on the North Side within the 15212 zip code you can attend all openings at the Mattress Factory for free and enter the museum anytime during the year half-price. If you live in this neighborhood I’d like you to help me make it Art You (really) Can Get Into – by coming inside.
About the Artist
Dee Briggs was born in Western Pennsylvania and raised in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. At the age of 18, Briggs moved to New York City. She studied architecture at the City College of New York and earned a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University.
Briggs has exhibited her work nationally, including The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH; The Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA; Newcomb Museum, New Orleans, LA; The Voigt Sculpture Foundation, Santa Rosa, CA; International Sculpture Biennale, Palm Beach, FL; the Mitchell Museum and Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon, IL, and many more. 
Briggs currently splits her time between Pittsburgh and New York. She has taught in the schools of art and architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and exhibits nationally. 
March 30 - November 30, 2012
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