MF Exhibitions

Alison Wilding

November 20, 1993 - June 26, 1994
An eight-foot, transparent, Plexiglas cone is set in the middle of the gallery. Inside it, a smaller, inverted cone appears to be suspended from the top of the piece. The smaller cone has been rubbed with pumice, which has resulted in a frosted finish. The large cone also contains a red Plexiglas ball, which sits below floor level on a false door.

The installation takes advantage of natural light, as the elements look different depending on the viewer's position. At times it seems that the red sphere has been cut off at floor level rather than dropped to a lowered platform. At other times a red glow hits the wall.

Scale is significant since this is the only element in a large gallery. The title word, "Ambit," means "an area within which something or someone exists, acts, or has influence or power."
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