Community Events

January 1981 at the Mattress Factory

January 1981 at the Mattress Factory
Saturday, January 12 - Sunday, January 13, 1981
$2.00 donation
500 Sampsonia Way

John McMahon, Patti Whipple, and Matt Bliss in a production of "Old People."

Sunday, January 27, 1981
$1.00 Adults | 50ยข Kids
500 Sampsonia Way

Company One presents "The Foolish Frog." Company Two presents four comedy skits.

Friday, January 31 - Sunday, February 2, 1981
Friday, February 8 - Sunday, February 10, 1981
$2.50 donation
500 Sampsonai Way

The Mattress Factory Players present "What the Butler Saw" by Joe Orton.
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