MF Exhibitions


January 1, 1995
As you enter, peat moss covers the floor, which deadens all sounds. Holes in the stone wall contain candles. The light from the candles passes through crystals, a substance often believed to have power and energy.

A rustic ladder suggests a connection between heaven and earth. The artists cut holes in the concrete, beneath the peat moss, so the feet of the ladder are touching the earth. The top and bottom of the ladder are covered with gold leaf.

A wall has been constructed at the entrance, initially blocking the view of the gallery. The side facing the entrance is painted bright yellow; a human form is faintly discernible on it. The other side, painted navy blue, has silvery writing, layered until it becomes unreadable. Both sides suggest cave paintings.

A canvas book, cut from a painting tarp used often at the Mattress Factory, contains pages with gold leaf markings. These are not actually real words, but, rather, evidence of human tracings. Gold leaf also appears in a circular indentation carved into a large rock. An "X" is carved into the other end of the rock, with its ends oriented toward the four cardinal points. Drawings with such themes as nature, angels, and human forms appear on 1,000 sheets of plastic, and are arranged near the entrance and along the stone walls.
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