MF Exhibitions

Yayoi Kusama curator Margery King

October 19, 1996 - June 29, 1997
In Dots Obsession, a room sixteen feet wide, fifty feet long, and ten feet high has been painted an intense yellow. Three sizes of black dots (eight inches to twenty inches in diameter) have been placed on the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. Three giant, organically shaped yellow balloons (one is thirty feet long by ten feet high) covered with the same black dots fill the space, physically and visually, crowding out visitors.

In Infinity Dots Mirrored Room, the visitor approaches a black double door, which opens to a space with mirrored ceilings and walls. The white Formica floor is covered with three sizes of colored fluorescent dots and the room is lit by a black light. Reflected in mirrors on the ceiling and walls, the visitor becomes an integral part of the space.

The visitor enters the brightly lit space of Repetitive Vision through Infinity Dots Mirrored Room. The floor is covered in red dots. Three female mannequins, painted white, their bodies and hair covered with similar dots, are reflected, along with the visitor, in the mirrored walls and ceiling.
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