Educational Event

Community Art Lab: Session 1 (10-13 year olds)

BUILDING OUR HEROES with Tavia La Follette
Monday, July 9 - Friday, July 20, 2018
$200 // $140 [MF Members]
Closing Celebration: Friday, July 20, 4-6pm

BUILDING OUR HEROES with Tavia La Follette [Morning Session]
Many superheroes rise from the ashes of some sort of tragedy, but we all have obstacles to overcome and challenges to face. In "Building Our Heroes," students consider their own history and communities. What kind of superheroes are needed and why? Do these characters have a nemesis or a sidekick? What is their power and what is their passion? In other words, what is their story?

STOP MOTION VIDEO MAKING with Sharlene Bamboat [Afternoon Session]
Stop motion video students engage with the Mattress Factory's permanent collection, using the gallery space and garden as sets and sources for props, collecting found materials, and using the site-specific galleries for creative storytelling. Students work together in groups to create short, silent, stop motion videos. Students play various roles in production, from building sets and costumes to acting, directing, and photographing.
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