MF Exhibitions

Kiki Smith

February 8 - July 31, 1998
Smith made drawings of specimens from The Carnegie Museum of Natural History's study collection of birds by scratching into Kodalith film. These drawings were transferred to silk screens, which were printed onto fabric in the colors of bird feathers. The printed fabric was then lined with floral fabric, quilted and made into packing blankets.

Smith arranged the packing blankets in a single mound on the floor of the gallery. Forty cast-bronze blue jays are arranged on the floor, all facing in one direction. The title, Flight Mound, refers to Indian burial mounds in North America by which, some believe, birds navigate in their migrations.

In Bird, the adjacent darkened room houses a video reanimation of Eadweard Muybridge's 1885 photographic sequences of a bird in flight. The twelve consecutive photographs, transferred to video and projected larger than life, repeat continuously.

In Little Space, at the opposite end of the room, resting on a single folded black packing blanket, are over a hundred brass eggs, ranging in size from a robin's egg to a duck's. A single low-wattage light bulb illuminates them.
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