MF Exhibitions

PREDRIVE: After Technology curator Melissa Ragona

November 14, 2008 - April 5, 2009
The Futurist-like newspeak that is often used to describe new media and web-based artworks is amusing, but limited. Technology is a tool, not necessarily a portal to another universe. Text messages, social networking web sites like Facebook and MySpace, weblogs, and a revolving door of tech-dujour applications promise to make our day to day lives easier and more efficient. Accessing information is no longer an overwhelming task--but a seductive, instantaneous experience.

PREDRIVE: After Technology features new works by six international artists including Takeshi Murata, Brody Condon, Paper Rad, Gretchen Skogerson, and Antoine Catala that interrogate the "aesthetics of immediacy" produced by these technologies in contemporary art. The exhibition, guest-curated by Melissa Ragona, explores themes of digital effects and dysfunctions, readymade cyber-kitsch, software aesthetics, and the performativity of digital environments in real space.
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