Community Events

Special Performance: Denver Broncos UK Thanksgiving Pageant

Denver Broncos UK Poster

Performances two nights:
November 15th and 16th
Doors at 8:30PM
Show at 9:00PM
Tickets: $20; $15 MF Members
Museum Lobby @ 500 Sampsonia Way
Denver Broncos UK features Munly Munly, Rebecca Vera, Slim Cessna, and Lord Dwight Pentacost. Three of these musicians have been working together for two decades as one half of Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Alternative Tentacles). The band's songs are best described as dynamic, suspenseful, painful and beautiful. The sparse arrangements feature an array of instruments put to exotic use; guitar, autoharp, accordion, bowed banjo, cello and numerous percussive instruments; a landscape inhabited by haunted vocal harmonies. The sum of all parts reveals itself as a darkly-lit celebration of traditional American music.

E-mail info [at] to reserve your tickets or call 412.231.3169.  
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