Fundraising Event

2011 Urban Garden Party: From Hollywood to Paradise

2011 Urban Garden Party
Join us for the Mattress Factory's biggest fundraiser of the year, the Urban Garden Party: From Hollywood to Paradise  – Friday, June 17, 2011!  Each year, the Urban Garden Party becomes the talk of the town as more than 1,000 attendees turn out to help support the museum's mission in a festive, celebratory atmosphere. All proceeds from the event benefit the Mattress Factory's programs and operations, and help the museum continue to provide working artists with unparalleled support.

Experience the glamour and fame of Hollywood at the 2011 Urban Garden Party: From Hollywood to Paradise. Revel in the wild, untamed romance of Tarzan and Jane, the elegant beauty of Grace Kelly, and the raw strength of Marlon Brando. Join us for dramatic intrigue in an urban paradise!

The VIP Party
$200 ($175 MF Members) per person
Free Valet Parking

Enjoy the musical stylings of Dr. Zoot while feasting on appetizers and sipping on indulgent cocktails courtesy of Bob Sendall of All in Good Taste Productions and Bossa Nova. Get premier access to our twelfth Art Auction and bid on distinctive artworks. Follow the red carpet into this alluring pre-gala, where celebrities roam and anything can happen behind the silver screen.

The Evening Garden Party
$90 ($80 MF Members) per person

Head deeper into this urban paradise as the evening garden party gets underway. Dance the night away under the big tent as New York City's iPad DJs AndrewAndrew spin throughout the night. Looking to unwind? Head back in time to the golden age of cinema and visit Rick's Cafe Americain with your fedora and sultry looks.
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