Educational Event

2005 Community Art Lab

The Northside's New Outdoor Summer Art Program
FREE for neighborhood youth

Community Art Lab is an exciting opportunity for you to work with real artists. You will design and make permanent outdoor garden-related art for your neighborhood! Projects include: Fence Art, Garden Totem Poles/Towers, Flower Quilts, Seed Murals, Garden Puppets, Garden Books and more!

Session A: Fence Art
Ages 11-14
Location: Alpine Gardens, 508 Jacksonia Street
Use found objects to create colorful 3-D sculptures!

Session B: Garden Arts Activities (Flower Quilt, Seed Mosaics, plantings and more!)
Ages 5 and Up
Wednesday Evenings
Location: Green Millennium Children's Garden, 1313 Sherman Avenue
Come play and have fun in the garden with us! Grow your own flowers and vegetables, dig in the dirt, and explore the world of bugs, plants, flowers and worms!
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