Educational Event

Community Art Lab: African Drumming: Make the Drums You Play!

Thursday Evenings, July 13 - August 17, 2006

Explore an African participatory approach with Kofi Gbolonyo, a Ghanaian Ewe, African music and dance specialist and Director of the Pitt African Ensemble. Kofi will guide children to create their own drums using selected local materials while enjoying new, engaging experiences with African music.

During this multi-sensory program, children will learn about traditional African cultures and participate in communal, playful and creative activities. Children will learn how drumming, singing, dance, and play are used in community performance and everyday life in Africa. Participants will discover that African children often make drums using materials from their "own environment." and that song and dance are handed down from older to younger children through participation.

Children will use their newly made drums to learn and perform exciting drum pieces and rhythms from a variety of African cultures. To make the summer complete, children will learn cool dances and songs to accompany their new drum music!
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