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Research Collections

Artwork Components Collection

Artwork components are objects, video and audio, photographs, and other elements that remain after the de-installation of temporary installations or the completion performance art works at the Mattress Factory. Remnants from de-installed artworks, these items provide record of the artwork as it existed at the Mattress Factory. They are not considered artworks, but rather are components of artworks that no longer exist.

Institutional Records Collections

Administrative Records Collection

Administrative Department Records document organizational activities including staffing, accounting, technology support, facilities management, visitor services, human resources, museum shop, museum cafe, and facilities rentals.

Development Department Records

Development Department Records are comprised of material relating to efforts to sustain and extend the museum's artistic and educational programming. Functional areas represented in these records include: marketing, public relations, membership, fundraising, and the museum's board of directors. The collection includes publications, correspondence, printed material, photographs, video, reports, and other material related to these efforts.

Education Department Records

The Education Department Records document the ongoing activities of the department, which was founded in the early 1990s. Responsible for regularly producing interactive, dynamic programming to engage museum audiences of all ages, the departmental records include correspondence, photographs, printed material, and audio/visual materials relating to work with patrons and collaborating organizations.

Exhibition Department Records

Exhibition Department Records document one of the Mattress Factory's primary efforts, the exhibition of contemporary works of installation and performance art. Records take the form of correspondence with artists both before, during, and after an exhibition of artwork. The collection includes extensive photographic documentation of the process of creating artworks and completed works in-situ.

Office of the Museum Directors Records

Records from the Office of the Museum Directors document a vast range of top-level activities and initiatives that drive the direction of the museum. Functional areas covered in these records include curatorial efforts, growth of the permanent collection, museum campus expansion, institutional collaboration, and special projects among others. Materials presented include correspondence, photographs, reports, presentations, awards, and others.

Physical Plant Collection

The Physical Plant Collection includes documentation of the Mattress Factory campus, its creation, expansion, renovation, and maintenance. The collection includes blue prints, architectural drawings and plans, and records associated with building management.

Pre-1982 Records

The Pre-1982 Records Collection includes documentation of early Mattress Factory activities. Functional areas documented in the collection include artist studio rentals, vegetarian co-op, theater and performance venue, and holiday events. The collection includes photographs, publicity materials, clippings, and objects.

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